If you have questions about having your child evaluated or if you are ready to move forward with an evaluation, you should schedule a free phone consultation with Dr. Smith.  During the phone consultation, Dr. Smith will ask you about your child’s situation, will tell you about her services, and will work with you to determine if it would be appropriate to schedule an evaluation.

You can schedule a free phone consultation with Dr. Smith by selecting an appointment from those listed below.  When doing so, please choose the most appropriate appointment type.  If you are inquiring about a child who has been previously evaluated by Dr. Smith or about a sibling of such a child, you should select Phone Consultation – Clients.  Otherwise, you should select one of the other appointment types that best describes where your child attends school.

You may not find your child’s grade and/or school district listed below.  Although she has done so in the past and hopes to be able to do so in the future, Dr. Smith is currently unable to offer phone consultations to parents of children who are in a grade or who attend a school in a district that is not listed below.  If your child’s grade and/or school district are not listed below, you may want to visit the websites of the local chapters of the Learning Disabilities Association of America and the International Dyslexia Association, as each of those organizations publishes a referral list of other qualified evaluators.