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​​​​​​​​​​Thank you for scheduling a NeuroEducational Evaluation with Dr. Smith!  As a next step, please review the information contained in the appropriate sections below.

NeuroEducational Evaluations (2/4/8 hr)

You should begin by reviewing our Parent Guide (Parent Guide.pdf) (last updated on 10/1/14).  Our Parent Guide will provide you with a single resource that will explain what you need to know and what you need to do to prepare for your child's evaluation.  If your child's first appointment is less than eight weeks away, then you should review the Parent Guide immediately.  Otherwise, you may wait until the eight week mark to do so.

When you review our Parent Guide, you will find a section on our Parent Questionnaire.  You should start your Parent Questionnaire (Parent Questionnaire.pdf) (last updated on 11/30/14) no sooner that eight weeks and no less than six weeks before the date of your child's first testing session.  Please download the latest version of the Parent Questionnaire immediately before you begin working on it.  You will be able to do so by using the link in this paragraph.

Prior to starting the Early Child Development section of the questionnaire, you will need to review our Ages & Stages summary (Ages Stages.pdf​) (last updated on 9/29/14).

NeuroEducational Re-Evaluations (2/4 hr)

If you have not read our Parent Guide (Parent Guide.pdf) (last updated on 10/1/14), you should begin by doing so.  Even though the Parent Guide was developed to help "first timers" through the evaluation process, you will find that it contains a significant amount of information that is relevant to your situation.

Please note that you should not complete the Parent Questionnaire that is referenced in our Parent Guide.  Rather, you should complete our Questionnaire Update (Questionnaire Update.pdf​) (last updated on 9/29)​.

Please download the latest version of the Questionnaire Update immediately before you begin working on it.  You will be able to do so by using the link in this paragraph.

You should ask your child's current teachers to complete a Teacher Rating Scale for your child.  When you do so, you should follow the guidance provided in the Teacher Rating Scale section of the Parent Guide.

You should submit copies of reports from any evaluations (psychological, neurological, neuropsychological, psychiatric and/or auditory processing) that your child has had since his/her last evaluation with Dr. Smith.

You should also submit your child's most recent school progress report.  You should not submit any earlier school progress reports unless Dr. Smith asks you to do so.

NeuroEducational Evaluation Upgrades (2-8 hr & 4-8 hr)

If your child is upgrading from a 2-hr/4-hr NeuroEducational Evaluation to an 8-hr NeuroEducational​ Evaluation, you will not need to submit any additional information to Dr. Smith, unless she asks you to do so.

All Clients

Our Parent Guide, Parent Questionnaire, Questionnaire​​ Update and Ages & Stages Summary are Adobe Acrobat documents.  As such, you should be able to view/download/print/save them using your web browser.  If you experience any difficulty using your web browser to do this, you should save a copy of the documents to your local device and then use Acrobat Reader to open them.  When you use Acrobat Reader, you should make sure that you are using the current version of that software.  You will be able to find the current version of Acrobat Reader here.

When you fill out your Parent Questionnaire or Questionnaire Update, you should use the current version of Acrobat Reader to do so, as these forms were designed to be used in conjunction with this software.  When you do so, please remember to save your work frequently and to keep a copy of the final document for your records.

We prefer that you use the newest version of our forms.  Even so, if you have already started work an older version of one of our forms, then you should not feel obligated to switch to the new version.​